General’s Handbook 2017 Release Date!

Good news everyone! Games Workshop have revealed that the General’s Handbook 2017 is up for pre-order 19/08/17 and releasing on 26/08/17

Now we will be able to make the pure squig force we have always dreamed of!

Alongside updated rules, new battleplans and revised points costs we also see a few mechanics and rules brought into the mix such as allies and Open War Cards – these will also be available to order alongside the book!


Games workshop are also releasing a very tasty sounding “Warlords Edition” that includes cards for each of the battleplans along with tokens and markers! We will certainly be refreshing the GW site at 10am Saturday to try and get hold of one of these!

With the new allies mechanic GW are also releasing a range of boxes containing approximately 400 points designed to slot into an existing 2k points army! Some brilliant looking stuff here, and I’m very interested into seeing how much these retail for!



We will be back with a full review once the book is out!

Breaking news: Necromunda Underhive

Wow! So games workshop have kicked off the Forgeworld open day with the news of the return of one of their most popular games Necromunda!

The game will be launching with two plastic gangs – the warrior women of House Escher and the brutish thugs of House Goliatch!



We are huge fans of Necronumda here at Sprues and Brews, and are very much looking forward to this!


Check out the full story from Warhammer Community!

Mortarion Approaches

The rumour mills have working overtime since the plastic release of Roboute Guilliman and Magnus. What other Primarchs could be on the horizon?

Well, Games Workshop have lifted the lid on who is returning to the battlefield, to lead the fight against the Imperium….

Death Guard's Mortarion certainly looks the part, check out those wings!! If you've been following our Instagram account you'll know that fellow Sprues and Brews creator Matt has been building and painting a force of Death Guard. Needless to say he is incredibly looking forward to get his hands on the newest Daemon Primarch.

What do you think of this new model? Which Primarch would you like to return? Comment and let us know!

For a better look at Mortarion check out the video released by Games Workshop at this link.

Wrath & Glory Announced

Today Ulisses North America, a company famed for their RPGs, has announced a brand new RPG set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, entitled Wrath & Glory.

Having recently acquired the Warhammer license Ulisses haven’t wasted any time in releasing teasing information regarding their upcoming product. You can view the teaser site here, which features an FAQ.

The rulebook is set to be released next year. You can sign up for email updates at the above teaser site. If you would like to read the press release in its entirety at this link.

Are you looking forward to a new Warhammer 40k RPG? Comment below and let us know what you think!

Incoming Teaser Video!

If theirs one thing Games Workshop are getting very good at it's teasing gamers about upcoming products.

Today over on Warhammer-Community they've gone and posted a new video. What could it be hinting at?

After speaking to fellow Sprues and Brewer Matt he seems to believe this could mean we'll be seeing a new Imperial Guard release, as rumours have already been circling the the Steel Legion could be returning to the battlefield.

What do you think? Could it be a new 'guard codex? Perhaps more new Space Marine toys? Leave a comment on what you believe it could be!

I'm sure it won't be long until we find out.