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Eldar On The Horizon

Since the launch of 8th Edition gamers have been crying out for some xenos love. We’ve had codexes for a number of Imperium armies, not to mention a brand new Death Guard codex along with a general Chaos book.

Next week however the first xenos box is up for preorder. Rejoice Craftworlders, for you have a new codex!

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Dave’s Project Log #2

So I’ve continued my work on my Adeptus Mechanicus army so that it will be ready for our trip to Warhammer World at the end of the year.

Not a massive update this one. I was really keen on starting work on my warlord, Belisarius Cawl. I went and completely built the model as I wanted to start using him straight away in our battles, which made the job of painting him a little more awkward. Surprisingly though, I didn’t come across that many issues. Continue reading Dave’s Project Log #2

They Came From Mars – Dave’s Project Log

After a brief flirtation with the alien menace that is the Tyranids, I couldn’t help but shake the feeling that I wanted to return to an army from the Imperium. I’ve played with Marine armies in the past (most recently a Horus Heresy Ultramarines force) and I’ve dabbled with the Astra Militarium. But I wanted to collect and build something new, something I hadn’t played before.

When Shadow Wars: Armageddon arrived I decided to pick up a unit of Skitarri Rangers to build and paint to use in smaller Shadow Wars games. As I started to paint the red cloaks of the not-quite human rangers I suddenly started envisioning changing these 5 rangers into a fully fledged army.

The start of a new force!

And so, the decision was made to start an Adeptus Mechanicus army.

So, I already had a unit of Rangers, what did I need to purchase first to really kick start this project. A fairly easy decision really, the Start Collecting boxes for most of the armies offer great value for money, and the Ad Mech are no different. In fact, I’d probably say it’s one of the best available, offering a HQ choice, a troops choice and a heavy support.

I really liked the look of the Rangers, so I decided to build the included troops choice in the Start Collecting box as a second unit of Rangers. The Tech Preist Dominus was a straight forward build. The Dunecrawler however, I was unsure what weapon load out to give it. The Icarus Array was tempting, even if it meant -1 to hit most units, unless they had the fly keyword. The amount of different shots you got from the array however seemed to make up for it. In the end I went for a good ole fashioned high strength, armour piercing gun, the neutron laser. Strength 10, -4 AP? Yes please! That’ll deal with any enemy armour!

Before I thought about adding to this force I decided, as I can be really lazy when it comes to painting, that I wasn’t going to purchase anything else until I painted the contents of the start collecting box. I’m not a great painter I admit, although I am enjoying it more and more. These models were really fun to paint. I used Warhammer TV’s Duncan for a little inspiration on how I was going to paint these guys. While I will probably return to them at one point to add further details, I’m really happy with how they’ve turned out, especially the Dunecrawler.


If I was going to build an Ad Mech army I just had to include an Imperial Knight. For far too long I had a half painted Knight Errant sitting, unused, un-loved. Well, no more! This big guy was going to get the paint treatment.

Seriously, painting the Knight almost made me consider building an entirely Knight army! I’m not great with small models, but with lots of large open armour and I just couldn’t put him down until I’d finished. He still needs transfer, and possibly a little tidying up, but he looks awesome!

To add another character to my force I picked up the plastic Tech Priest, who I intend to keep very close to my Dunecrawler(s). Again, I probably need to do something additional details but he’s looking pretty cool.


That brings me to now. I already had Belisarius Cawl from the Triumvirate of the Imperium as I really wanted the Inquisitor Greyfax model. He was a fiddly build, but the finished article just looks amazing. A suitable leader for my Mars Ad Mech army. He is next to get the painting treatment. Once I’m finished with him I’ll be moving onto my second unit of Rangers.

One thing the Ad Mech misses out on is the psychic phase. I’ve always been a fan of the Inquisition, so I’ve decided, for now anyway, to include Greyfax in my army. I’d already made a start on her a little while back. She needs some additional work, which I hope to get completed soon.

So that is where I am at with painting so far. Now to talk gaming.

I’ve had a few games so far with them, ranging from 1000 point to 2500 points matches (Matt allowed me to use the services of his Ad Mech army to make up the numbers!). The army, is of course, very ‘shooting’ orientated. I’ve not done too badly with them so far.

Matt’s Death Guard have proved to be very very tricky. I’ve pushed him close on a couple of occasions but he’s always managed to hold on for victory. I did have one game against the Space Marines, which saw my shooting rolls at their very best, leaving barely a Ultramarine standing! Against the Orks however I just couldn’t do enough damage to them in the opening turn or two. Once the Boyz jumped out of their vehicles and charged into combat only Cawl could provide some resistance.

I’ve now got a copy of the book, although I haven’t used the army since its release. Not a great deal has changed compared to the indexes, but its great to have my own rulebook instead of flicking through the index! I’ll talk more about the new codex in a different post.

Can’t wait to us these!

So with that, I’ll leave this post here. As mentioned, Cawl and a unit of Rangers are up next on the painting table.

The goal is to have this army painted and ready to roll for our trip to Warhammer World in December. You can read about our upcoming event by following this link.

Surrounded by Death Guard!

Preparing For War: The Road to Warhammer World

We’ve been a little quiet here haven’t we? Sorry about that!

Myself, along with a number of friends including fellow Sprues and Brewer Matt are planning a two day trip to Warhammer World at the end of December. That’s two days of Warhammer 40,000 fought over the mighty tables in the halls of Warhammer World!

Day One is going to consist of multiple one vs one games using per-determined missions. The idea is that the forces of good shall be fighting that of evil, with the several outcomes all combining together to provide bonuses for the second day.

Day Two is the big one… 3 vs 3, Apocalypse style!! The aforementioned bonuses will be carried into this game. We haven’t fully decided what these are going to be right now, so we are all ears if anyone has any suggestions!

Now the important part…the miniatures! We are all planning on taking 2,500 points worth of armies, all fully painted. If your going to run a mini campaign at the home of Warhammer, it just has to be done right, right?


I’ve started to build a Adeptus Mechanicus force, and while I haven’t fully written up a list, it will most certainly be led by Belisarius Cawl. I’ve recently had the bonus of the release of the army book, which although the core rules haven’t changed much since the Imperium Two Index, still throws in some awesome new stuff, such as the Forge World Dogmas and Wargear. I’ve already had a couple of smaller games to get used to the force, and also to get an idea of what I’m going to be taking to Warhammer World. So far my favourite units have to be the Dunecrawler armed with a Neutron Laser with a Tech Priest stood behind it keeping it going. I’ve also really enjoyed the Rangers, with their long range rifles and 6+ invulnerable save, backed up by re-rolling hits with Cawl nearby. I’ll go into further detail about my army when I start my project log (which I promise will be much better than my Tyranid one!).


Fellow brewer Matt, inspired from their presence in the Dark Imperium box is pressing on his his army of Death Guard. Bolstered by their own rule book and of course the release of the Lord of Death himself, Mortarion, from my couple of early encounters against the force his army is going to take some beating! Again, I don’t think Matt has fully decided on his force yet however I’d put money on the new Death Shroud Terminators, along with the new tanks and several new characters.


Our friend Jason is bringing to the battlefield the forces of the Ultramarines led by their Primarch, Roboute Gulliman! Or should that be an Eldar force? OK…so he hasn’t full decided yet, however whichever army he brings with him will be a mighty force, as he always ensures his army has synergy, bringing out the best in the units he uses. He’s also very lucky with dice rolls…


Mike is bringing the Orks to the WAAAAAGGGHHHH!! He’s still tinkering with his list, but once again from the warm-up battles I’ve had against him, with his number of tanks he can very quickly get within close combat distance. A ton of hard hitting multi attack Orks in your grill as early as turn two? Ouch!!


With all this warfare going on, you didn’t think the Dark Eldar would want to miss out did you? Lee is bringing his Raiders, Incubi and Warriors to the battlefield. Much like the Orks, they are incredibly fast moving and I was very surprised by how much firepower they can unleash. A large number of them have very effective Poison weapons, which will bring in the hardest of units to their knees!

Death Guard… Orks… Dark Eldar… The forces of good need further assistance! No fear however as Brett is bringing his army of Blood Angels to help out! I’m not sure what his list is looking like at the moment, but I can tell you his fantastically painted Knight will be present, dishing out pain to whatever crosses its path.


Over the next few weeks we’ll be keeping you all updated on our progress as our trip to Warhammer World approaches.

If you have any suggestions on missions, special rules, etc that you think we may include during our two days please feel free to comment on this post or leave us a message on one of our many social media pages, it would be great to hear from you!

Warhammer RPG on Humble Bundle

Ever tried Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay? Tempted? Well, we’ve got some awesome news if your looking to get involved!

Over on Humble Bundle you can pick up the 2nd Edition rule book, along with a large number of additional books adding new characters, campaigns and rules.

At the time of writing for a little over £15 gets your the whole lot, a bargain! And let’s not forget, every purchase means a donation to a charity.

Gather your friends and embark on an adventure in the Old World. You can purchase the bundle at this link.

Necromunda Trailer

Hold onto your hats, the first official trailer for Necromunda has landed!

The trailer shows off the two starter gangs as well as previewing the tiles to fight over. It also confirms that the boxed game is out in November.

Excited? We certainly are!

Check out the trailer below: