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Dave’s Project Log #01

So, introduction aside, here is my first project log entry for my newest 40K army, the Tyranids! But enough of that, no point going over old news am I right?!

So how did I go about starting this army? First first port of call was the purchase of a box of three Tyranid Warriors, originally meant for Shadow Wars: Armageddon really. I really like the popular purple carapaced beasts from Hive Fleet Leviathan, of which my local Games Workshop store had a few units painted in the windows. After chatting to the store manager, who recommended the basic paints I’d need I set about the construction. From the off I wanted these beasties on the fancy Imperial bases. I am no painter, but the scheme I went for is very basic, and includes quite a bit of inking.

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Dave’s Tyranids [An 8th Edition Project Introduction] #0

Welcome to a short introduction to this…my project log for a new army I’m building up as we delve into the 8th edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Normally I can be seen taking some kind of Imperial army to the table, although I do have a fairly large Tau army too. The Deathwatch have been my most recently used force, backed up by Imperials Agents. I’m a massive fan of Inquisitors, both in gameplay terms and in regards to the lore (explains why I purchased the limited edition version of the Vaults of Terra!).

However, with 8th edition round the corner, and with the creation of this website I figured ‘hey! you know what would be cool? I’ll start a new army!’. My wallet hasn’t stopped weeping yet.

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