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Matt’s Project Log #01 – Death Guard

The Death Guard match to war, the sound of buzzing flies and the rot of pestilence  in the air. Typhus, the bringer of plague marches in the centre of an ever growing swarm of animated corpses; The Poxwalkers. Supporting this mass of bodies is the rage filled corrupted form of a Hellbrute, while a mindless Chaos Spawn chitters and twitches as it advances up the battlefield.

Matt’s army takes its first steps…

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Dave’s Project Log #01

So, introduction aside, here is my first project log entry for my newest 40K army, the Tyranids! But enough of that, no point going over old news am I right?!

So how did I go about starting this army? First first port of call was the purchase of a box of three Tyranid Warriors, originally meant for Shadow Wars: Armageddon really. I really like the popular purple carapaced beasts from Hive Fleet Leviathan, of which my local Games Workshop store had a few units painted in the windows. After chatting to the store manager, who recommended the basic paints I’d need I set about the construction. From the off I wanted these beasties on the fancy Imperial bases. I am no painter, but the scheme I went for is very basic, and includes quite a bit of inking.

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The Defence of Moloch [8th Edition Project Log]

So, the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 is now up for preorder. I know I’ve spent more than I should yesterday, but with such a strong lineup of products to mark the occasion, I just couldn’t help it!

To join in the festivities we’ve decided to launch our own campaign/painting project log. Currently entitled ‘The Defense of Moloch‘, expect more background fluff and such soon.

In the meantime I’ve started my log, which you can view here. We all have different levels of painting and gaming experience, however one thing is for certain, we are all excited for 8th edition!