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Eldar On The Horizon

Since the launch of 8th Edition gamers have been crying out for some xenos love. We’ve had codexes for a number of Imperium armies, not to mention a brand new Death Guard codex along with a general Chaos book.

Next week however the first xenos box is up for preorder. Rejoice Craftworlders, for you have a new codex!

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Dave’s Project Log #2

So I’ve continued my work on my Adeptus Mechanicus army so that it will be ready for our trip to Warhammer World at the end of the year.

Not a massive update this one. I was really keen on starting work on my warlord, Belisarius Cawl. I went and completely built the model as I wanted to start using him straight away in our battles, which made the job of painting him a little more awkward. Surprisingly though, I didn’t come across that many issues. Continue reading Dave’s Project Log #2

Jay’s Yme-Loc Eldar Project Log

I’ll be joining the guys at Warhammer World in December for two days of non stop 40k. Eldar were my first 40k love and I’ve been adding new models to my collection ever since I got started with Warhammer back in the days of 3rd edition. In fact I’ve still got a squad of metal Warp Spiders that have yet to see a lick of paint…maybe it’s about time I did something about that.

I’ve heard there may be a new Eldar codex around the corner so I’m going to hold off on writing a specific army list until I’ve seen that. So while I wait for the codex I’m just going to try and paint as many different units as I can. I’m hoping I’ll have enough different units ready by December to build a half decent list. Continue reading Jay’s Yme-Loc Eldar Project Log