Going it Alone: Shadow Wars Armageddon 

It’s only been out for a month or so however Games Workshop aren’t holding back on adding free additional rules and scenarios for the popular boxed game, Shadow Wars Armageddon.

Today their community-driven website has released PDF downloads allowing gamers to play Shadow Wars with lone operatives. While one player controls a kill team constructed as per standard rules, the other chooses one of lone operatives to battle it out.

You download them right now. Can’t wait to try them out!

Speaking of Shadow Wars, have you seen our unboxing video of the boxed game? 

40k release date?

Think we may have a little spoiler into the release date for the next edition of 40k from this month’s White Dwarf!

Next month’s issue is on sale Friday the 16th of June. Usually the magazine comes out on a Saturday, so maybe it’s out a day early in preparation for 40k the Saturday following it…