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Sprues and Brews News October 2017

Join Matt and Dave as they chat about all the news from Games Workshop this October! Death Guard! Custodes Orion Gunship! Eldar and Tyranid Codexes! The General’s Handbook! Blightwar! Firestorm! Shadespire! It’s certainly been a busy month!


The Sons of Mortarion: Matt’s Death Guard log


So, the time has come again for the annual trip to Warhammer World. Previous years have seen me take The Emperor’s Children for Horus Heresy and Chaos Daemons for Age of Sigmar. I’m no stranger to throwing in my lot with the Dark Gods – and so, as my soul is slowly corrupted by Papa Nurgle’s embrace, I began working on my Death Guard…

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New 40k FAQs – Death Guard and Mechanicus

Looks like we have a new batch of 40k FAQs today, and its the turn of the Death Guard and the Adeptus Mechanicus (Regular visitors will know that these armies are currently being worked on by Matt and Dave!)

Of interest to me is the clarification that Pox Walkers can go above starting size with their curse of the walking pox, and that this doesn’t cost reinforcement points! Now, best get some more Pox Walkers painted…

Check it out here on Warhammer community

Matt’s Project Log #01 – Death Guard

The Death Guard match to war, the sound of buzzing flies and the rot of pestilence  in the air. Typhus, the bringer of plague marches in the centre of an ever growing swarm of animated corpses; The Poxwalkers. Supporting this mass of bodies is the rage filled corrupted form of a Hellbrute, while a mindless Chaos Spawn chitters and twitches as it advances up the battlefield.

Matt’s army takes its first steps…

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