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Rumour Engine – Blade? Piston? Another mystery!

Another week and another rumour engine from Warhammer Community! But what is it? Some kind of hydraulic blade maybe? A piston on some kind of dread? Some advanced aelven technology? Any ideas please let us know!


Shadespire Release date!

Games Workshop have revealed that their new competitive miniatures game Shadespire is up for preorder on the 14th October and out the following weekend on the 21st October!


On that day you will be able to get hold of the Shadespire Boxed game (£40) containing the Stormcast and Khorne forces, the baords and all the cards you need to get started playing!

These will be followed by yet more pre order goodies on the 28th (released the 4th of November) – two brand new expansion boxes for the game, one for the The Sepulchral Guard and the other for Ironskull’s Boyz. Each expansion contains the miniatures needed to play that faction, unique cards for them and also cards that can be used by any force in the game!


Shadespire looks to be an interesting blend of a miniatures game and a card game, and by all accounts from those that have played it the game is excellent!

We will have our review and thoughts on this brand new game when it is released on the 21st!

Warhammer 40,000 Open Day 2017 (and maybe a hint to Necromunda release date?)

So the Warhammer 40k Open Day is coming soon! Games Workshop have revealed that the next open days will be the 25th and 26th of November!

By a coincidence, blood bowl came out last year on Black Friday which happens to be the same weekend! If I were a gambling man I’d certainly put money on Necromunda coming out that weekend (perhaps Friday 24th!)

Either way, the open days are always a great day out and a chance to chat to the minds behind the games and miniatures that we love, and are often a chance to pick up some cool pre release forge world stuff!


Check out all the details on Warhammer Community 

Breaking news: Necromunda Underhive

Wow! So games workshop have kicked off the Forgeworld open day with the news of the return of one of their most popular games Necromunda!

The game will be launching with two plastic gangs – the warrior women of House Escher and the brutish thugs of House Goliatch!



We are huge fans of Necronumda here at Sprues and Brews, and are very much looking forward to this!


Check out the full story from Warhammer Community! https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/08/13/breaking-news-necromunda-returnsgw-homepage-post-1/

Matt’s Project Log #01 – Death Guard

The Death Guard match to war, the sound of buzzing flies and the rot of pestilence  in the air. Typhus, the bringer of plague marches in the centre of an ever growing swarm of animated corpses; The Poxwalkers. Supporting this mass of bodies is the rage filled corrupted form of a Hellbrute, while a mindless Chaos Spawn chitters and twitches as it advances up the battlefield.

Matt’s army takes its first steps…

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