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Sprues and Brews News October 2017

Join Matt and Dave as they chat about all the news from Games Workshop this October! Death Guard! Custodes Orion Gunship! Eldar and Tyranid Codexes! The General’s Handbook! Blightwar! Firestorm! Shadespire! It’s certainly been a busy month!


Jay’s Yme-Loc Eldar Project Log

I’ll be joining the guys at Warhammer World in December for two days of non stop 40k. Eldar were my first 40k love and I’ve been adding new models to my collection ever since I got started with Warhammer back in the days of 3rd edition. In fact I’ve still got a squad of metal Warp Spiders that have yet to see a lick of paint…maybe it’s about time I did something about that.

I’ve heard there may be a new Eldar codex around the corner so I’m going to hold off on writing a specific army list until I’ve seen that. So while I wait for the codex I’m just going to try and paint as many different units as I can. I’m hoping I’ll have enough different units ready by December to build a half decent list. Continue reading Jay’s Yme-Loc Eldar Project Log

Rumour Engine Solved?

Another week, another Rumour Engine – but this time it looks like we may have an answer, and the clue is buried in the past in the form of the Battle for Macragge boxed game!

298749_md-Aquilla, Battle For Macragge, Lander, Reassembled Aquila, Shuttle, Terrain

The starter set came with some scenery pieces including an Aquila Lander, a suitably Imperial looking flyer that wouldn’t look out of place alongside Imperial Agents and talons of the Emperor. Continue reading Rumour Engine Solved?

The Sons of Mortarion: Matt’s Death Guard log


So, the time has come again for the annual trip to Warhammer World. Previous years have seen me take The Emperor’s Children for Horus Heresy and Chaos Daemons for Age of Sigmar. I’m no stranger to throwing in my lot with the Dark Gods – and so, as my soul is slowly corrupted by Papa Nurgle’s embrace, I began working on my Death Guard…

Continue reading The Sons of Mortarion: Matt’s Death Guard log